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"New material is being made as you read this & I changed my rap name again."

-Matty -DICE- Bellizzi, 2015


Past Classics, 2007-2009,

Chaplin Community LLC a.k.a 33 co. 

 Est. 2009 

"The Chaplins' paramount value is not about comedy , thriller , psychological , action or drama yet may provide some , none , or even all. 

 The Chaplin Community (also known as) 33 co. is not a gang or a cult. It may also be music , but the Chaplins' paramount value

 is the ability to forever keep you entertained. One way or another. There may also be a hidden message , or may not.

That has been one of the community's most infamous sagas. 

Yet the focal point of the 33 co.


                                Entertainment .."

               - Matthew Angelo Bellizzi is Matty -DICE- Bellizzi 

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